Wing Tai takes pride in being an outstanding member of the communities we operate in. As such, we have introduced a few initiatives under our Corporate Social Responsibility mission and shall continue to seek innovative and meaningful ways to engage our employees and associates in building stronger and more vibrant communities.


Our 2018 activities have included the followings:


Generation X CLAP

In May, Lanson Place received “Generation X CLAP” students to visit the Lanson Place Hotel Hong Kong. During the visit, we helped students gain an in-depth understanding of the job nature in the hospitality industry. The program is aimed to coach our next generation to have a good understanding of who they are and equip them to shape their own future.

Our serviced apartment, Two MacDonnell Road Hong Kong hired one of the graduates of the program, who joined the Guest Services Department.

Elderly Home Visit

In July, we organized the Elderly Home Visit to the TWGHs Chu Sau Cheung Nursing Home.

Blood Donation Day

In July, we participated in blood donation events held by the Hong Kong Red Cross at Landmark East for 9 consecutive years to help promote blood donation.

Heifer Race to Feed 2018

In November, we took part in Heifer’s fundraising event “Race to Feed” for 8 consecutive years.

Donations raised will alleviate poverty in Mainland China through encouraging self-reliance by providing livestock, animal husbandry training and community development training to underprivileged families.

COOL Corporate by Friends of Earth

We continued to be named as a COOL Corporate by the Friends of Earth. The scheme focuses on noticeable corporate commitments to environmental protection in contributing to a better local community. In particular, we actively participate in the energy-saving programme held by the organisation.


  • Red Packets Reuse And Recycling Programme

  • Construction Charity Fund

  • Recycling Eyeglasses

  • Sustainability Leader Award in Bronze COOL Corporate Membership Scheme 2017 - 2018

  • Blood Donation Day

  • Support TWGHs Flag Day

  • Elderly Home Visit

  • Give My Bag Program 2017

  • Shoes Recycling Campaign

  • Heifer Race to Feed 2017


  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hong Kong – House Visit

  • Gold Award of Earth Partner – Green Mission

  • COOL Corporate Scheme

  • Blood Donation Day

  • Inspire with Art, Let Your Dreams Run Wild – Art Therapy Workshop

  • Elderly Home Visit

  • Heifer Race to Feed

  • i-d Art Exhibition by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals


  • GREEN Mission

  • Blood Donation Day

  • Elderly Home Visit

  • Skip a Meal Day

  • Heifer Race to Feed


  • Blood Donation Day

  • Elderly Home Visit

  • Hong Kong Community Chest-Dress Casual Day

  • Heifer Race to Feed

  • Run for Fun


  • Heifer Skip a Meal

  • Heifer Read to Feed

  • ORBIS “Fight Blindness with Light”, the Moonwalker

  • WWF Walk for Nature

  • Heifer Race to Feed